ESERCIZIO NUM: 1120 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-riflessivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa ogni frase mettendo un PRONOME RIFLESSIVO per ogni spazio.

1. My dog managed to bite....on the leg and we were laughing so much. // 2. I held the map upside down, confused....completely and got lost for an hour. // 3. We only blame for the disaster that has happened to our company. // 4. We're going to miss the deadline. You....said we would definitely finish in time! // 5. Melanie cut....on the finger when she was making a stew for dinner. // 6. the sandwiches, everyone! There are plenty more. // 7. Did you pay for.....when you went to New York or did the company pay? // 8. The table collapsed on.....and everyone in the room laughed.