ESERCIZIO NUM: 1119 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-riflessivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Guarda questo elenco di PRONOMI RIFLESSIVI. Scegline uno per riempire ogni spazio sottostante.

1. They found a last minute flight to Florida for almost nothing. They are very happy with... // 2. I... don't like the programme, but the rest of the family love it. // 3. Don't go to that pub by... Take someone else. // 4. I can't do this job by.... I need someone to help me a bit. // 5. Harry cut.... while peeling an apple this afternoon. // 6. There is something really wrong with my computer. Today, it turned.... off while I was working. It quite scared me actually! // 7. We really enjoyed.... at the party last night. We thought it was going to be boring. // 8. They are both selfish people. They do everything to please.... and don't care about anyone else. // 9. After the accident, we blamed.... at first until we discovered that the other driver was drunk at the time. // 10. I tell Leah to wear protection every time she plays hockey but she refuses to listen to me. She will hurt.... one day.