ESERCIZIO NUM: 1116 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Indica se la parola tra parentesi va usata come AVVERBIO o AGGETTIVO in ciascuna di queste frasi.

1. Think... about whether you want to quit this job. (calm) -- 2. I'm... he didn't mean to frighten you. It was an accident. (sure) -- 3. Her hair looks soalways... I'd love to know what she uses on it. (soft) -- 4. My wife felt rather... about the play she was in, but she performed wonderfully. (nervous) -- 5. Look in the fridge - something smells very(bad) -- 6. The grass grewbecause of the dry weather. (slow) -- 7. The new couple next door seem very..., don't they? (nice) -- 8. The company performed... for a few years, then got into difficulty. (strong)