ESERCIZIO NUM: 1112 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > few-little - DIFFICOLTA': ***

In ogni spazio inserisci una delle seguenti parole: FEW - A FEW - LITTLE - A LITTLE

1. If you have... time, could you come and have a look at my computer. It's not working very well. // 2. She is quite poor... Ever since she lost her job last year, she's had. money. // 3. I don't want any more wine, thank you. I have... here. // 4. Jack has. friends and is often at home alone... I worry about him, you know. // 5. You know... people here, don't you? I'll leave you to chat. // 6. That new employee is great. She asked me a few s at the start and, since then, seems to need... help. A very independent type! // 7. I have... patience for your stupid s Smithers. Now tell me what you want and stop wasting my time. // 8. Add... salt to the soup. It needs it! // 9. "How many extra chairs do you need for the dinner tonight?" "... We have almost all the chairs we need." // 10. This hotel is... better than the one where we were last year! I don't know why we changed!