ESERCIZIO NUM: 1109 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-relativi who-whose - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Riscrivi ciascuna di queste frasi usando non più di cinque parole in ogni spazio e usando il PRONOME tra parentesi senza cambiarlo.

1. Mario is the guy who cuts my hair every month. He's 37 today. > Mario,..., has his birthday today (who) // 2. Carol's house is the largest in the street. She's my neighbor. > My neighbour is Carol,..., in the street. (whose) // 3. We'll meet at Christmas. We'll talk about it then. > We'll talk about it at.... be at home. (when) // 4. I spoke to one of the women. She was the one wearing the red skirt. > I spoke to.... the red skirt. (who) // 5. We stayed in the Lodge Hotel in Vermont. It was our honeymoon. > It was the Lodge Hotel in Vermont(where) // 6. Give me the scissors. Give me the ones that cut well. > Give me the(which) // 7. My wife hit that dog with the car. The dog was very old. > That's the dog....the car. (whom) // 8. Radio was invented in the early 20th century. Marconi was the famous inventor. > Marconi became famous in the early 20th century..... the radio. (when)