ESERCIZIO NUM: 1108 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-relativi who-whose - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Scegli uno di questi pronomi relativi WHO, WHICH, WHERE, WHEN, WHAT per completare ciascuna di queste frasi.

1. Alexander Graham Bell is the man....invented the telephone. // 2. The son finds most demanding is French. // 3. They met in the "Trucador" restaurant,....his wife worked as a waitress. // 4. Astronomy was a subject about....the professor enjoyed chatting, given the chance. // 5. This was obviously a bad case of bullying,....the school takes very seriously. // 6. Prime numbers,....are numbers that can only be divided by themselves, formed the basis for the code. // 7. I don't know....he did, but his teacher is very angry about it. // 8. The world population,....currently stands at more than 7 billion, is expected to rise for the next fifty years at least. // 9. Spring is the should be planting these seedlings. // 10. A man....I'd never seen before came and spoke to me and told me everything would be okay.