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Guarda queste frasi che usano tutti i pronomi relativi. Quali frasi sono corrette?

1. That was the place where I'd seen you. // 2. Hannah went to get the book which I'd lent her the day before. // 3. It was raining again. The rain always reminded her of the city where they went for their honeymoon. // 4. Maxine was furious. "Tell that brother of yours, who I never want to see again, that it's over, finished!" // 5. Tell me the song which makes you feel happiest. // 6. The conference will take place in Geneva. Please e-mail a list of all the lectures that you want to attend. // 7. Which is the colour that you would like for the kitchen? Cream? // 8. The man fell over in the street and it was his own sister who found him there.