ESERCIZIO NUM: 1094 - CATEGORIA: verbi > infinito gerundio - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Riempi ogni spazio con il GERUNDIO o la forma infinita del verbo tra parentesi.

1. We had worked hard all morning, so at midday we stopped(have) a coffee and a sandwich. // 2. Did you remember(buy) that bag of apples I asked you to get. We need those apples for the cake this evening. // 3. If you are getting so many headaches, you should try(see) a specialist at the hospital. It could be something serious. // 4. We regret(inform) you that you have failed the first part of the test. You can go home now if you wish. // 5. If you go on(listen) to music that loud, you'll be deaf before you're twenty! // 6. You should stop(go) to that biker club. It's taking up too much of your time. // 7. It's strange that I remember(go) to school the first time when I was five but I don't remember when we moved house a year later. // 8. I tried(stop) the thieves but they were both on motorbikes and it was useless running after them. // 9. You must regret(tell) your sister about her husband now. She has never been the same since. // 10. I meant(phone) you last night but I completely forgot. So sorry! // 11. After graduating in law from Cambridge, she went on(become) a famous lawyer. // 12. I want to work abroad but not if it means(have to learn) another language. I am terrible at learning languages!