ESERCIZIO NUM: 109 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Indica a quale nome della prima frase si riferisce il pronome personale della seconda frase(01):

1. Take off your boots. They are wet. 2. Call Mark after supper. He seemed worried. 3. Adam and Carol were playing with the kittens. Then, Carol fed them. 4. Mom and dad went shopping. They bought a new dining set. 5. The farmer brought the cows around. Later, he fixed the fence. 6. Mark and you are presenting tomorrow. You need to be ready. 7. The woman crossed the street. Then, she entered the store. 8. The children finished their dessert. It was good. 9. His sister put the blankets on the bed. They were soft and warm. 10. The mechanic fixes the car. Then, he puts his tools away