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Leggi questo testo su Praga e inserisci il comparativo o superlativo corretto in ogni spazio. Esistono tre possibilità per ognuna.

Prague is one of the (1) popular tourist destinations in Europe. After all the political changes of the early 1990's, the capital of the Czech Republic began to take advantage of its beautiful cultural and architectural heritage to attract (2) tourists than ever before. Prague is a (3) city than many people imagine and it is (4) easy to move around this wonderful city on foot. Public transport is (5) in Prague than in (6) other European cities but it is often (7) to walk, enabling you to appreciate marvellous buildings you might have missed if you had been sitting on a bus or a tram.(8) people leave the city of Prague without commenting on the superb food and drink available here. Eating out here is a (9) than it used to be but you can still have a three course meal for around $15 without any problems.
DA INSERIRE: 1. a. more b. most c. very // 2. a. bigger b. more c. many // 3. a. smaller b. more small c. smallest // 4. a. very b. more c. such // 5. a. very cheap b. more cheap c. cheaper // 6. a. every b. most c. more // 7. a. better b. more good c. most good // 8. a. few b. much c. little // 9. a. very cheaper b. little more expensive c. little cheaper