ESERCIZIO NUM: 108 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi singolare-plurale - DIFFICOLTA': ***

COUNTABLE O UNCOUNTABLE? indica di che tipo sono i nomi evidenziati in STAMPATELLO(03):

1. She folded the clean TOWEL and put it in the closet. 2. A lot of research goes into these ASSIGNMENTS. 3. Mom thinks there is enough TIME to complete another chore. 4. Today is LAUNDRY day, make sure to bring down all your dirty shirts. 5. I have one more PAGE to complete for today’s homework. 6. With a little PATIENCE, you can finish this puzzle. 7. The PAINTER shows creativity in his work. 8. Engineers combine intelligence and ingenuity to achieve their PROJECTS. 9. I need natural lighting to thread a NEEDLE easily. 10. EXERCISE is an important part of being healthy. 11. There is so much DUST on this bookshelf, we need to clean it. 12. The SNOW is so high, it almost reaches the windows