ESERCIZIO NUM: 107 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi singolare-plurale - DIFFICOLTA': ***

COUNTABLE O UNCOUNTABLE? indica di che tipo sono i nomi evidenziati in STAMPATELLO(02):

1. Would you like me to add some more MILK to your hot chocolate? 2. Malcolm poured syrup on his PANCAKES. 3. I would like another PLATE of pasta, please. 4. Miranda applied some LOTION on her dry hands. 5. The TUB is filled with warm water. 6. The music is so loud that my EARS are ringing. 7. The sand is nice and warm under my FEET. 8. The man’s GENEROSITY is remarkable. 9. The children’s determination allowed them to reach their GOAL. 10. I can see the RAIN through the windows. 11. The HEAT was so intense that we had to retreat to the house. 12. The two FRIENDS were afraid of the darkness, so they walked close together.