ESERCIZIO NUM: 106 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi singolare-plurale - DIFFICOLTA': ***

COUNTABLE O UNCOUNTABLE? indica di che tipo sono i nomi evidenziati in STAMPATELLO(01):

1. Would you like some MILK with your cereal? 2. You will need EGGS and sugar for this recipe. 3. Devon asked for more TIME to finish his test. 4. Do you have enough information to write your REPORT? 5. Matt should listen to his COACH; he gives good advice. 6. The teacher wanted his students to put more effort into their ASSIGNMENTS. 7. Listening to good MUSIC makes your worries go away. 8. With enough determination, any TASK is achievable. 9. These books will help you in your RESEARCH. 10. Our living room has so much FURNITURE, there is nowhere to move. 11. Lara’s mom told her to add more FLOUR to the dough before baking the cookies. 12. Humans have made a lot of technological progress in 100 YEARS.