ESERCIZIO NUM: 105 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi singolare-plurale - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Trova i nomi nelle seguenti frasi ed indica se sono al singolare o al plurale:

1) These pencils are sharp. 2) Melanie has the eraser. 3) Write three sentences. 4) Let’s read this book. 5) Play with the blocks. 6) Put your toys away. 7) Do you have a marker? 8) I can share my sandwich with you. 9) Are all the wheels turning? 10) Can you get the eggs please? 1) Where is my book? 2) Your shoes are red. 3) There is one person missing. 4) Clean your room. 5) Can you walk the dog? 6) Put your clothes away. 7) Your boots are dirty! 8) The cat is lazy. 9) We will buy four tickets. 10) Children, please sit down.