ESERCIZIO NUM: 2703 - CATEGORIA: verbi > past-simple past-continuous past-perfect - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Scegli il corretto PAST TENSE fra i tre suggeriti per completare le seguenti frasi:

This is a story of a man who went fishing every night. He would always go alone because he enjoyed the silence. And even though he had to ride past the cemetery, he was never scared. One night he was so tired that he _______ (1) asleep while fishing. When he _________ (2) it was 2 a.m. He took his bike and rode home. Suddenly he spotted a boy who __________ (3). He stopped to ask him why he _______________ (4) alone in the dark. He replied that he ______________ (5) and asked him for a lift. The fisherman agreed and the boy sat on the rear of his bike. The fisherman rode for a long time losing the sense of time. He was tired and did not know where he _____________ (6) to. Eventually he found himself in front of the cemetery gates. He was afraid. It was almost dawn. He turned around to check on the boy, but he was not there. Terrified the fisherman went home as fast as he could. He told no one about what _____________ (7) to him that night. Then, after a while, he heard a story about a little boy who ______________ (8) at the place where he was fishing. His soul _________________ (9) there for many years. The next morning he went to church and __________ (10) a candle for the poor boy's soul. When the night fell he _____________ (11) fishing again. And again he met the same boy at the gate of the cemetery. The boy stood there with a big happy smile on his face. This time the fisherman ____________ (12) no fear.
1. a) had fallen b) fell c) was falling 2. a) woke up b) was waking up c) has woken up 3. a) was crying b) had cried c) cryed 4. a) stood b) was stood c) was standing 5. a) got lost b) was getting lost c) had got lost 6. a) was riding b) rided c) had been riding 7. a) happened b) was happening c) had happened 8. a) had been drowning b) had drowned c) drowned 9. a) had been wandering b) was wandering c) wandered 10. a) lighted b) lit c) was lighting 11. a) went b) was going c) had gone 12. a) feeled b) felt c) had felt