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Completa il seguente brano inserendo le PREPOSIZIONI corrette al posto dei trattini(02):

One day, we decided to go to the park _________ my dog. We never go _________ the park _________ my dog. He would be upset if we left him _________ home. _________ dinner, we got the leash and began walking _________ the pond _________ the way _________ the park. We saw a duck who was wading _________ the water. My dog also wanted to be _________ the pond. When we looked away for a moment, my dog ran and jumped _________ the water. He splashed water _________ my pants. My pants were soaked. I needed to find a towel. Once we were _________ the park, I found a towel and dried my pants. My dog had a great night _________ our family _________ the park