ESERCIZIO NUM: 220 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Usa una delle congiunzioni FOR, AND, NOR, BUT, OR, YET, SO per unire ogni coppia di frasi attualmente separate da un punto(02):

1. I have to stay here. I really don’t want to. / 2. We bought the bread. We forgot to buy any drinks for the picnic. / 3. Pam is always laughing. She finds everything hilarious. / 4. The worker lives two minutes from the hotel. She always walks to work. / 5. Tony plans to move to California. He will attend college there. / 6. The boys lost the game. They all had a really great time. / 7. It is time to go to school. We are about to miss the bus. / 8. I wanted to see the painting. I never went to the museum.